Black Watch 27 August Monday 880 pax

Black Watch

27. August Monday 8 AM 1 PM

ARRIVAL 27th August Monday 08:00 AM  DEPARTURER 1 PM
Landing to Nanortalik and exploring the city on your own.
preliminary program
Throughout the city there will be different shows to attend until 12 Noon

OPEN AIR MUSEUM 07:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Nanortalik open-air museum – The museum consists of many buildings, an Inuit sum-mer camp and Umiaq and kayak exhibition. It gives a broad picture of community de-velopment in Nanortalik dating back to the Inuit time to the present day. Behind the museum, a summer hunting camp has been recreated to show what traditional life is like in the Arctic. Inuit in traditional clothing will show how they lived in days gone by .

KAYAK AND UMIAQ SHOW – In front of the summer settlement in the mu-seum 11.00 AND 11.45 AM

On the water in front of the summer hunting camp at the museum, a kayak show takes place with good photo opportunities from the beach. The Inuit invented the kayak; ac-tually kayak is an old Inuit name, only it is spelled “qajaq” in Greenlandic. The treacher-ous and harsh waters surrounding Greenland forced the hunters that came across from Canada and Alaska to develop one of their only means of transportation to the up-most accuracy. This is a very special opportunity to experience how the hunters of Greenland, by centuries of passing on knowledge, have mastered the various tech-niques, such as the Eskimo roll, to ensure they would survive capsize during a storm

CHOIR 9AM AND 10.AM in the old Nanortalik wooden Church

Greenlandic choirGreenlanders are renowned for their singing. Guests can lean back and admire the beautiful church as they listen to peaceful psalms and merry songs. Some of singers are dressed in Greenlandic national costumes.
Departure from the Harbour 1.30 PM with good views and photo opportu-nities of the city



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