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Great experiences await you … We arrange high quality package trips to Southern Greenland. We travel in groups with own guide, pre-meetings, Air Greenland flights Narsarsuaq-Copenhagen, domestic helicopter transfer to Nanortalik, accomodation with all meals included, boat trips, and all day trips and transfers included. Some of our package trips are reserved for special organisations but we can also design a package according to your specific wishes. Please contact us if you want group travels specially made for your own travel group. > Contact See more > Gallery Booking > Get more information All our flyers are in Danish, but we gladly translate into English upon request.

Nanortalik trip

There will be more information at a later time, if we arrange package tours in 2017.

Package trips for your organisation in 2017 We make special package trips for your group upon request. With a group of 12 we can make a special package trip according to your specific wishes for an unforgettable journey to South Greenland.


Paddle expedition in Greenland in 2017

Greenland is the world’s largest island and a country full of contrasts. In addition to rows of tines and glaciers plunging into the icy fjords, live Greenland really up to its name. “The green land” was in fact not just Erik the Red “gimmicky” to lure Northerners here; here it is actually green!

Summer 2017 takes Yourway you on a 14-day kayak trip to the lush South Greenland. Nanortalik is the starting point for our paddle expedition. The small village with 1400 inhabitants is a mecca for hikers, climbers and kayakers worldwide. The tour starts with a historical tour of the museum in Nanortalik with local guide David. Here we get a glimpse of Inuit history and our own northerners history that is strong in the area.

When we first launch the pre-loaded kayaks waiting 10 days with fantastic hiking and nature. First part of the trip we follow the coastline south until we after 3 days turn your nose against the spectacular fjord systems north of Cape Farewell. Here waiting one massif after another. Combined with icebergs, glaciers and meadow flowers thrive this poses quite an experience. The tour culminating in that we paddle into a glacier arm from the ice sheet and experiencing the tremendous glacier up close.

Underway we live in tents and enjoy one great campsite after another. We spend time in camp to relax, go fishing, go exploring and taking walks in height to enjoy the view. About halfway on the trip we paddle back the small catch society Appillatoq.

We travel literally in Vikings footsteps. Along the ride we paddle back the old trading port on Herjolfsnes and we visit Brattahlíð where Eirik the Red and his family settled. For it was in South Greenland that Europeans first set foot on the coast of Greenland. After Eirik the Red was sentenced outlawed in Iceland he went west and discovered a country with an inviting fjord landscape and lush green valleys. Back on the Island told him about “The green land”. This year 985 sailed Eirik the Red again towards Greenland. This time with 25 ships. Unfortunately reached only half forward. Norsemen annla the two communities Øster- and Vesterbygd. Around the year 1000 amounted to Northerners about 3,000 people. The community survived for 500 years, after which it disappeared. How and why remains a mystery …

Our job is to facilitate an adventurous trip within safe limits, but “tablecloth and covered table” we create together. This makes collaboration an essential ingredient. That way we create experiences and stories together. We believe it is in the details that the recipe for success lies. Since we’ve been doing a lot and know how much it has to say that you eat good food on tour, we spend too much time creating a varied and tasty menu. After a long day in the kayak is dinner in big tent an important meeting point and time for the good stories.

This is the tour for you who have paddling experience, but you need not be an expert. We paddle between 20-30km in +/- 9 days with recovery days. Some stretches will be difficult to go ashore. We must therefore rely us that there may be a few hours in the kayak between each leg extension. Fjord arms of Greenland is mostly pretty quiet but we must be prepared for wind and some waves. You must be fond of outdoor life and prepared to contribute to the common good.

Join us on this wonderful and unique paddle expedition summer 2017!

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