Travel in style – imaqa …

Transportation is part of the journey
Because of the very special arctic weather conditions with icy, snowy and stormy weather all arrangements regarding transportation are being made with frequent use of the word ‘imaqa’, meaning maybe. Security is all important so every once in a while the schedule is subject to cancellations or delays – it is a quite normal part of the Greenland travel experience.

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The southern part of Greenland no longer has regular boat traffic so both locals and tourists have to use own boats or charter private tour boats. Nanortalik Tourism Service can help you arrange boat transfer to villages or camping sites.

The fastest way of transportation by far is with Air Greenland helicopters. They operate most villages on a regular schedule but not every day. On certain occasions it is possible to charter a helicopter but it is quite expensive.

We can help you arrange both plane, helicopter and boat transfer but be sure to make your booking beforehand and well in advance because seats are limited. All our package trips include all transport and transfer.
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