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Saturday September 2nd 2017

8.oo -            14.00

FOLK DANCE and KAFFE-MIK and CHOIR in the Culture Centre

Kaffe-mik (coffee party) is an old tradition where a family invites many guests into their home in case of celebration (weddings, birthdays etc.) to drink coffee or tea and taste the famous Greenlandic cake. The guests stay for 15 to 30 minutes only. We will arrange a Kaffe-mik in the Culture Centre (public toilets inside).

Greenlandic folk dance
Her is a unique opportunity to experience the lively and quick moving Greenlandic folk dance. Dutch and Scottish whalers originally inspired the dances. They taught their special seaman dances “the reels” to the Disco Bay Eskimos. Through the centuries, this has developed into the unique folk dance tradition we know today.

Greenlandic choir
The Greenlanders are famous for their multi-vocal singing. The slow moving psalms and the merry songs allow you to lean back and let your impressions of Greenland mix with the enchanting singing. Some of the singers are dressed in national costumes.

Old Harbour
Nanortalik open-air museum
Nanortalik has one of the most unique museums in Greenland, displaying items from the old Inuit culture, the Norse settlements in Greenland from 982 AD and the Danish colonial power 1797-1953. You can easily spend 1-2 hours there. At the summer settlement in the museum area, Inuit in traditional clothing will show how they lived in the old days.

Admission Fee / Tickets

Folk dance and Kaffe-mik Choir in the Culture Centre 15 US $ 15 € euro

Open air museum 5 US $ 5 € Euro

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