We offer boat tours on days with cruise calls

This year we expect 42 cruise ship port calls to Nanortalik

That means 47,000 cruise tourist will visit the small town with population of 1,250

Boat Tours


Iceberg Boat Tour Around Nanortalik

DKK 880.-

Nice opportunety to see icebergs and wildlife such as seals, birds and whales.

Duration 1 hour

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Boat Tour Tasermiut to Tasermiut Fiord

DKK 3520.-

Experience the very beautiful and wourld famous Tasermiut Fiord. Great opportunety for photographing  great mountains, such as Napasorsuaq and Ulamertorsuaq, the river of Kuussuaq and the forrest nearby, and especially the glazier in the bottom of the fiord.

Duration 4 hours

Departure 9 am

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The Hot Springs of Uunartoq

DKK 3520.-

Bring your bathe suits and towel for this tour in the 37 degree Celsius warm hot pot while you enjoy the beautiful view  of icebergs thrifting by in the fiord of Uunartoq.

Duration 4 - 4½ hours

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