Day Trips

Choose Nanortalik as your base camp for the local attractions

Nanortalik is the perfect place for exploring the Sout Greenland area. Close by you can experience the beautiful wooden church, one of the best historic museums in Greenland and you have easy access to many different day trips in the mountains or with boat. Booking All booking via


All booking via
Download our map of Nanortalik City and Nanortalik Island for your own day trip

Boat trip to the ice cap

One of our most beautiful day trips is the boat trip to the ice cap in the Tasermiut Fjord. We also visit the remote village Tasiusaq and sail by high peaks, among them the Ketil Fjeld – a favourite among climbers with its 1000 meter vertical wall. Only customized tours. 

Hot springs on the Uunartoq island

A well-preserved secret is the strange hot springs on the Uunartoq island. Here you can take a dip in pools with a constant temperature of 38 C / 100.4 F while you enjoy the sight of the freezing sea water with icebergs sailing by. A truly unique experience! Only customized tours.

Quingua Valley

The remote valley deep in the Tasermiut Fjord is blessed with the Kuussuaq river and fantastic fishing, hiking, climbing, and camping. You can also take a walk in Greenland’s only forrest and explore Norse ruins. We arrange customized trips when necessary. Are you interested in angling is a fantastic experience to spend some days at Kuussuaq river in Tasermiut fjord

Nanortalik Museum

The city museum is located in original colonial buildings in the Old Harbour. Here you can wander through history and learn about eskimo settlements, Norse ruins, art, culture and local minerals. Be sure to visit the outdoor camp with kayaks, umiaq, and eskimo huts. Opening hours from June to September. Sunday to Thursday 13:00 / 1. PM to 16:00 / 4 PM Admission 25 DKK.

Climb the ‘Storfjeld and Ravnefjeldet’

With one of our maps of the surrounding mountainside you can safely climb the 559 meter Storfjeld (Big Mountain) or the 308 meter Ravnefjeld (Raven Mountain). From both you get breathtaking views of the island. You can also walk the coast to the ruins of the first Nanortalik settlement from 1797.

  • Guided tours RAVN MOUNTAIN 250 kr. pr. persons. Duration approx. 3 hours Level 2-3
  • Guided tours SISSARISSOQ 250 kr. pr. persons. Duration approx. 3 hours level 1-2

Town walk in Nanortalik

In our office you can get city maps for a walk in Nanortalik on your own. You can also take a walk with one of our local guides.

  • Guided town tour with Museum 175 kr. person. Duration approx. 2 to 3 hours Level 1
  • Guided town tour with Kaffemik, Greenland suit and Shipmodel Museeum. Hendrine and Museum 300 kr. pr. persons. Duration approx. 3 to 4 hours Level 1
  • Traditional dinner at a Greenlandic family. Tasty cooked whale meat, seal suaasa, blubber of South Greenland manners, dried meat / fish. Minimum 3 persons price per. person DKK 325 Duration: 2-3 hours: